Rick's Temp Facebook Stuff

This is my temp stuff until I get competent with Facebook(if ever). These are some photos I have from back then. Click on anyone to view a larger version. Click on slideshow for viewing all larger.
Personal Info: I live in Redondo Beach, Ca. I have lived in this area (the south bay) for over 30 years.
Job: What's that???? Retired is my job.
Marital status: None
Offsprings: One, Jennifer, 28, who currently lives in Long Island, New York.
Sports: Fan of the LA Lakers and the Green Bay Packers(I grew up in Wisconsin till 8yrs old).

Sports as a participant: I play beach volleyball with a group on 19th street in Hermosa Beach. Started playing there about the mid-70's. We play every Sat. year round.

Misc: Jim Dendinger lives in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He is still working. He is Professor of Biology(Phd) at James Madison University. We get together about once a year when he visits his parents who still live on 22nd in Costa Mesa.
Pete Aki...the last I talked with him he was living in Arizona, but I think he moved to Hawaii. I haven't talked with him for 3 or 4 years.

Slideshow click here

Jim Dendinger Bob Green
Pete Aki Mel Paterson Jim Dendinger Pat Hill ? Rick Balgie
Jim Dendinger
Pete Aki Jim Dendinger
Dick Edes Pete Aki ? Jim Dendinger Bob Green
Jim Dendinger
Terry? Pete Aki Bob Green Dick Edes Rick Balgie Jim Dendinger
Pete Aki
Dick Edes at Fun Zone in Balboa
The Boys
Pete Aki Marilyn Haiser(my highschool crush) ? Rick Balgie
Dick Edes Jim Dendinger
Jim Dendinger
The Group
Rick Balgie Jim Dendinger
The Champ
Rick Balgie Jim Dendinger
Jim Dendinger Mel Paterson Jim McMahan? Wayne Wedeking Rick Balgie, Stan Dendinger